D.PBU® was formed with the continual spirit of at improving building process, Tong Hai Yang explored productive construction technologies. In 2014, it entered the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) space and developed its Drywall Prefabricated Bathroom Units (D.PBU®). D.PBU® is developed locally and manufactured under factory controlled environment.


Tong Hai Yang’s Dynamic Prefab Building Unit system is a drywall based Prefab Building Unit system, which is developed locally and manufactured under factory controlled environment. It has met all local requirements and is the first and drywall PBU system being granted In Principle Acceptance (IPA) from the Building Innovation Panel (BIP).

Sporting a super lightweight structure, the Dynamic Prefab Building Unit (D.PBU) facilitates handling and supports both critical and non-critical installation. It has high degree of design flexibility, which can readily interface with other building components.

The D.PBU being manufactured offsite allows material, manpower and time savings, leading to a faster investment returns to clients.

With D.PBU establishing itself in the industry, THY continues to innovate in applying DfMA principles, integrating advanced materials and expanding to larger configuration for applications across a wide range of industries (residential; hospitality; health care; institutional lodging etc)