Key Feature of D.PBU (S.T.E.E.D.)

Super Lightweight

– Weight can go as low as approximately 2 tonnes
– Easy Handling, transportation and installation
– Supports both critical and non-critical installation.
– Non-critical approach allows more time for material selection, planning and coordination.

Total Cost Effective
– Significantly lower costs compared to volumetric concrete PBU.
– Choice of the most efficient and suitable structural system.
– Controlled off-site production environment allows precision material, manpower and time savings, leading to a faster investment returns to clients.

Easy Interface
– Interface with other building components (flat slabs/internal drywall)
– Flexibility integration of different wall types (Drywall/Lightweight concrete/External glass or concrete wall.
– Handicap/heater tank can be integrated to D.PBU.

Easy MaintenanceInterface
– Accessible with designated access panes within or outside D.PBU.
– Simple methods on repair & replacement of tiles/boards /holes/dents.

Design Friendly
– Highly customisable from floor to different wall elevations to suit project needs.
– With only floor dimension variation to minimise, designers can specify differing PBU layouts without incurring additional costs.
– D.PBU floor slab can be structural or non-structural.
– Supports flexible wall / wall system options.
– Vast selection of MEP and finishes materials to suit project challenge.