In 2014, THY created a sub division called Dynamic Prefab Building Unit / D.PBU to look into productive construction technologies. Along with BCA’s direction, it entered the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) space and developed its Mark 1 Dynamic Prefabricated Bathroom Units (MK I D.PBU®).

On a parallel track, THY had also commenced its involvement in Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC). Taking on Project DECK, THY erected a 3 storey art and photo gallery building through off-site fabrication and installation of 19 modules of Container Architecture along with 2 Dynamic Prefab Building Units. The DECK has received much attention in the Singapore architecture scene and received the SIA Design award and President Design award in 2015.

Seminars for BCA

BTA 2015

SIA Award for DECK

CNY 2015

Manufacturing and Installation

In BuildTech Asia 2015, D.PBU again excelled itself by creating the next generation of Design For Manufacturing Assembly Unit.

This next iteration of the D.PBU® system will take shape of a drywall PPVC bedroom room unit. Maintaining its key features, the MKII D.PBU® is significantly lighter than concrete PVVC and provides high degree of design flexibility, improving configurability for applications across a wide range of industries (residential; hospitality; health care; institutional lodging etc) To demonstrate the system’s flexibility and robustness, MKII D.PBU® was fitted out based on 5 star hotel’s requirements, complete with full marble bathroom with freestanding bathtub.

D.PBU was greatly welcome with the first Drywall Prefabricated Bathroom Units in BuildTech Asia 2014.

The D.PBU factory was setup in Singapore.

R&D and prototyping of the DFMA (Design For Manufacturing Assembly) begin.

R&D was first carried out to find the feasibility of the idea. In the remote area of Singapore, a mock-up was build to test the system.

After numerous trials and test, D.PBU finally gets the approval of IPA and MAS. the project was given a green light and D.PBU was born.


A drywall based Prefab Building Unit system, which is developed locally and manufactured under factory controlled environment. It has met all local requirements and is the first and drywall PBU system being granted In Principle Acceptance (IPA) from the Building Innovation Panel (BIP).

S.T.E.E.D.- MK 1 D.PBU

Super Lightweight
Total Cost Effective
Easy Interface
Easy MaintenanceInterface
Design Friendly